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Personalized Funeral Services

Personalized Funerary Services in Pawtucket, RI

When we pass away and come to rest for the last time, our memories are honored with one final goodbye. For some, this means spreading ashes in a sacred or sentimental place. For others, it means a memorial service after being laid to rest next to family members long-passed. For still more, it means a gathering of friends and loved ones, to reminisce and share memories.

Whatever your beliefs or wishes, Darlington Mortuary of L. Heroux & Son, Inc. is here to honor them with a bevy of funerary services. Our funeral directors in Pawtucket, RI take pride in doing right by the deceased and their survivors, to ensure their memory is immortalized and their physical presence is handled accordingly.

  • Funeral services and arrangements: We will assist you in planning a proper funeral in all of its facets. From picking the time and place, to assembling a processional, to helping you pick readings, pallbearers and every other detail, our directors are on hand to help you navigate through this trying time.
  • Mortuary services: No matter the last wishes of the deceased, we’re here to make sure they’re honored. We serve all beliefs and religions, and are intimately familiar with the rituals and honorific practices of culture that you may observe.
  • Caskets/burial containers: We can assist you in finding the proper casket or burial container for your loved one, to save you the trouble and heartache of having to work with a vendor or go through the logistics of payment and delivery.
  • Urns: For cremation, we have a number of beautiful, luxurious urns available for the final resting place of your loved one’s ashes. Whether you intend to scatter them or hold them, we can help you pick the proper capsule.
  • Cremation services/burial services: We offer both burial and cremation services to Pawtucket, RI, and will coordinate with you to ensure the final resting place of your loved one is in accordance with their wishes and respective of their memory.

If you have questions or require the guidance of a trained professional to assist you with any of the above items, get in touch with us today by calling 401-722-4376.

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